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If Beer Pong
and Billiards had
a Jewish Baby…

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If beer pong and billiards had a Jewish baby it would be Hanukkah Pong. A social game with a holiday twist that is perfect for parties, bars, and time at home. A fun and easy game to play, Hanukkah Pong is a great gift and a must for every party host.

The Game

Hanukkah Pong can be played in many variations, so your athletic skill and drinking palate will always be challenged!

Cups are placed into the slots of the table-top board forming a menorah shape. Players shoot at either “light” or “dark” groups of cups. The team to make their entire group and then make the “H” cup(s) wins the game.

Download the rules:

Straight 8

Hanukkah Pong game
Hanukkah gifts Rachel and Mitch

The Story of
Hanukkah Pong

Hanukkah Pong was founded in New York City in 2018 by Rachel and her husband Mitch. Years of enduring uninspired gift exchanges, sad table-top electric menorahs at holiday parties, and 8 long nights of the same stale presents, led the couple to take matters into their own hands and make the festival of lights sparkle again. “Isn’t there anything else that represents Hanukkah and makes a good gift?”, asked Rachel in frustration one year after receiving another mesh bag of gold foil-wrapped chocolate coins. Realizing bad chocolate and cash would only go so far on a holiday predicated upon 8 days of gift giving got them thinking. Not long after, the idea of Hanukkah Pong was born. “I got it”, Rachel proclaimed with excitement one morning over bagels… and sometime later, aided by Mitch’s newly developed mastery of woodworking, the 1st game was built and the real fun began. After months of iterating and testing, they knew they had it.

Hanukkah Pong is a menorah-shaped table-top game from our Hanukkah party to yours. It’s social, fun, and perfect for parties, bars, and time at home. A great gift for anyone – from your pong-loving bestie to your colleague who may have forgotten his age, but is young at heart. It’s a perfect fit for every grab bag gift exchange. We can’t think of a better way to help fine-tune your athletic skill and improve your drinking palate. Don’t Jewish you had it? Get it!

A whole
latke fun

Hanukkah Pong
is a must-have for
every holiday party

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